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We’re happy to share ezyCollect Payments now available in New Zealand, aimed at making B2B payments less of a hassle.

This new service offers a unified platform that simplifies the way you handle NZD card payments and manage your financials, making everything more streamlined and secure.

Key Benefits of ezyCollect Payments

ezyCollect Payments brings you a suite of benefits designed to streamline your payment process:

Flexible Card Payments

ezyCollect Payments supports both debit and credit card transactions. It will soon also facilitate direct debit authorizations via cards for continuous, effortless transactions, providing convenience for you and your customers alike.

screenshot of ezyColelct invoice reminder with pay now button

Hassle-Free Payment Collection

With ezyCollect Payments, offer your customers the ease of a ‘Pay Now’ button or payment link directly on your invoices or sales orders, transforming the payment experience from a chore to a convenience.

24/7 Payments

Enable your customers to make payments at their convenience, 24/7, through the Simplypaid payment portal. This flexibility ensures that your cash flow remains consistent, even outside traditional business hours.

Screenshot of Simplypaid UI showing paying an invoice via credit card

Enhanced Security

Step into a safer transaction environment with our portal’s advanced SSL encryption to protect your card information, while 3DS technology safeguards every card payment against the ever-present threat of fraud.

Centralised Payment Management

Keep your financial landscape crystal-clear and up-to-date with ezyCollect Payments. Every transaction processed through the platform seamlessly syncs with your ezyCollect account, guaranteeing that your accounts receivable are always accurate and reflective of the latest activity.

  • Transaction List: Access and manage your customer transactions. This includes the ability to review payment details, generate fee statement reports, and initiate refunds where applicable.
  • Transaction Fee statement: Get a detailed breakdown of charges at the end of the month, providing transparency on the transaction cost incurred.
  • Settlement Report: View a snapshot of your daily payouts, including transaction details and received payments.

Automated Payment Allocation

Save time with automated payment allocation to corresponding invoices in your ERP system*, reducing manual effort and the potential for error, and allowing you to focus on what matters most—growing your business.

(*For selected ERPs only)

Get Started with ezyCollect Payments

Interested in making your payment collection process more efficient with ezyCollect Payments? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information and start transforming the way you collect payments today.

Not an ezyCollect user yet?

It’s time you and your customers experience a streamlined payment experience. Book a call with our payments experts to learn more about options for your business.

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