Modernizing B2B Payments For the New Normal

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The increasing importance of digital payments

The past decade has seen a marked proliferation of e-commerce. This is leading business-to-business (B2B) payment merchants to strengthen their digital payments infrastructure. Over the past couple of years, the world has struggled to get to grips with the COVID-19 pandemic, as a consequence, a lot has changed even for business-to-consumer (B2C) companies, who are now bracing for the transition to digital payments.

According to a study conducted by McKinsey & Co., 66 per cent of participants say that digital sales options for customers have become more important during the pandemic, compared to traditional sales options. Also, it revealed that the trend of omnichannel sales methods supersedes that of traditional methods after the pandemic.

So, it becomes imperative for B2B companies to address these changes in customer expectations triggered by the pandemic and the collective transition to digital payments, characterized by automation. B2B buyers now look for variety, ease, and convenience while transacting—something that B2B payment automation can provide. With the improvement in payment options for B2B buyers come the benefits of increased customer satisfaction and transaction conversions, ultimately leading to business success.

The focal points for B2B merchants

Here’s how B2B merchants can keep pace with the changing payment landscape:

1. Offering multiple payment options

Now, B2B merchants should look for ways to recreate the B2C payment experience for their customers. B2B buyers look for ease while transacting, and companies that offer multiple payment options can provide them with instant gratification. Contactless B2C digital payments can also be done in the B2B landscape in real-time by adding features like wire transfer, credit card, and digital wallets.

2. Digitize B2B accounts receivables

B2B companies can stay abreast of the changing payment landscape by digitizing their accounts receivables. This can be achieved using automated onboarding, which can save them time and money by eliminating time-consuming credit decisions, emails forms, PDF invoices, and manual bank reconciliations. B2B payment automation can provide buyers with consolidated periodic invoices and give companies more control over their cash flow.

3. Providing instant credit

B2B customers show a preference to transact more when they hold a credit line and have forged a financial relationship with the company. For getting a leg up over competitors, B2B companies can offer their customers the ability to get instant credit while making a purchase. Such a strategy can help companies retain their customers and win their loyalty.

4. Beefing up security

B2B business identity theft and fraud have become increasingly common as the customer acquisition process occurs online. As such, security is something B2B companies should pay attention to. They need to leverage advanced fraud detection software and processes to protect themselves and their customers. A well-developed security solution can definitely fraud-proof the payment infrastructure and build risk-aversion abilities.

In Summary

B2B payment landscape is becoming increasingly digitized, and companies will have to adapt to these changes. In order to keep up, B2B companies need to review and evaluate their existing payment system to use technology to streamline areas where it’s necessary. Creating and adopting an omnichannel payment strategy can greatly help B2B companies get an edge over their competitors.
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