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How it works

A completely easy process that takes 4 steps

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Step 1 Sign Up

Step 1: Sign up to the program

Fill out a simple form to join the program.
Step 2 Receive Link

Step 2: Get Unique Link

Receive your unique referral link and get access to exclusive materials.

Step 3 Share Link

Step 3: Share Link

Invite your accounting professionals, businesses in your personal and professional networks to try ezyCollect or book a demo with us. You can also submit referrals directly to us.

Step 4 Get Rewarded

Step 4: Get Rewarded

Receive your reward for every business that subscribes to ezyCollect due via your personal tracking link or your submitted referral – up to 15% of the subscription fee in the first two years.

ezyCollect Cashflow Heros

Become a cashflow Hero

You’ve seen how ezyCollect can help your business get paid faster.

Help other businesses transform their cash flow and get rewarded.


Why you’ll love being our Cashflow Ambassador


ezyCollect is trusted by 1200 companies in 18 countries.

Continuous Rewards. You earn 15% of the subscription fee paid by your referral – for every month of the first 2 years of their term.

Get access to exclusive content. Being an Ambassador means you get exclusive access to ezyCollect’s wide range of resources that help you share the AR automation story.

Help other businesses transform their cashflow. ezyCollect is a platform to give you more freedom. Free up your network for the high-value tasks they’re capable of. Recover cash faster so their businesses can grow with confidence.

Our purpose is to put smart technology in the hands of businesses

so they have the cash, confidence and information to achieve their dreams.

  • We believe that the greatest resources in business are dreams and ambition.
  • We believe that ambitious businesses deserve to be paid on time.
  • We believe that being paid on time helps businesses survive then thrive.
  • We believe that when businesses flourish, people flourish.
  • We believe in keeping the dream alive.

Start earning rewards right now 

FAQs about the Client Ambassador Program

Where can I get my referral link?

Your unique referral link will be generated automatically immediately as your application gets approved. You will find it in the Summary section of your dashboard.

Who can apply to become a Client Ambassador?

All clients and users of ezyCollect in our existing client base are welcome to apply.

Where can I share or promote?

You may share your referral link through email, social media, IM apps, or any other digital mode that works for you.

How do we attribute your signups?

We use cookies to track your referrals from your unique referral link. Every visit that hits the site from your referral link is tracked to you – and form submissions get connected to your referral tracking link. The cookies last for 90 days after someone clicks on your link. If they click again, the 90 days start again.

Does my referral need to subscribe to all of ezyCollect’s products to be rewarded?

No. A lead may get a subscription plan for any one or all of ezyCollect’s products – ezyCollect Workflows, Credit Insights & Credit Applications, or Simplypaid. The commission is paid on the subscription fees only – it excludes installation fees, transaction fees, GST, or any other fees.

Can clients from outside Australia join?

Yes, the program is available for clients in all locations.