It’s that time of year!

Your customers are busy. So are you. And you’re about to head into a Christmas closure period.

As you rack up the pre-Christmas orders, come January, you’ll want to be geared up to chase overdue payments.

Introducing the technology that shortens your invoice-to-cash cycle and relieves you of manual tasks.

At ARMA, we’ve found that our clients who are also using ezyCollect for their internal AR process are writing off less bad debt, save hours each week, and have better collection success.

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To round out your debt collection strategy with ARMA, allow us to introduce you to:

ezyCollect automates payment reminders, monthly statements and accepts online payments.

ARMA Exclusive Offer

50% off ezyCollect monthly subscription for the first 3 months!

*Must sit a consultation before
23rd December 2019

Within ezyCollect you can click to order an ARMA demand letter. ezyCollect automatically sends ARMA a collated history of your recorded debtor communications.

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