Automate your monthly statements with ezyCollect

✓ Save hours as ezyCollect prepares and sends all your monthly statements for you

✓ Your customers can click to pay directly from your statement

✓ Watch the payments rush in as statements go out

Your invoicing system + ezyCollect

ezyCollect draws in all your invoice data to automatically prepare your monthly account statements for you.

Automate statements and more

Automate monthly statements, payment reminders that don’t ignored, thank you messages, accounts receivable mapping…the list goes on!

Built to collect money for you

Your statement collects money for you with a Pay Now button and secure payment portal attached. 

Offer Pay Later

Give customers immediate access to financing so they can buy now and pay back the bill in installments. Best of all—you get paid upfront!

We just need a few details before we get started.

We get a flood of payments…

Statements are excellent, especially since clients can now download their invoices straight from the statement. We always get a flood of payments for the next few days after our monthly scheduled statement run.

Phil Wainright.