Designed by a Chartered Accountant, a business owner and an entrepreneur

ezyCollect was built from the ground up to solve the problems that centre around getting paid on time

Our story

ezyCollect was born from necessity and mateship.

AJ Singh, then managing the family’s medical supplies distribution company, nearly lost the otherwise thriving business to late payments.

“Our business was on the BRW Fast 100 list but I had this big cashflow problem in the background: customers were paying late and there was not much I could do about it. Following up invoices became a mess and I couldn’t afford to keep hiring staff to chase up payments.”

Enter Raj Kuckreja, a University mate who was engaged as a Chartered Accountant for the business.

“The cashflow conversations were getting more painful as the business grew,” says Raj.

Together, they started the ‘ultimate wishlist’ for the dream software that would solve the pain of late payments.

“Early on, we realised that the process framework we were sketching could make a serious impact on any business,” says Raj. “Cashflow and inefficiencies put people’s livelihoods at risk…so we just kept persevering.”


In 2014, the pair registered their new business, ezyCollect.
In 2015, Jimmy Cooper, AJ’s childhood friend, returned to Australia after working overseas.

Despite a 30-year handball grudge, AJ shared his prototype with Jimmy, whose tech antenna went into immediate overdrive.

Says Jimmy:“The difference in cashflow for the test customers was like night and day. That’s when I decided to come on board, even if I had to work for free in the beginning.”

ezyCollect welcomed its first paying customer in 2015 and the rest is history. Today, thousands of business operators globally rely on ezyCollect to help them get paid on time.

Even Jimmy gets paid on time now 🙂

“As a chartered accountant, I want to see every cash management function in a business done right. Accounts receivable is critical. Get it right. It can be the difference between success and failure, and no one wants to fail.”

Raj Kuckreja
Chartered Accountant and Co-founder

Here’s our story

Our Product

Getting paid on time is actually incredibly complex...


Many small tasks need to be completed efficiently to achieve the ultimate goal of getting paid promptly, in full.

ezyCollect is designed to do all those small things, beautifully. Your AR function becomes streamlined, efficient, and revenue typically increases.


ezyCollect is purpose-built to simplify:


Invoice management:

Growing businesses deal with a mass of invoices. Your invoices need to be issued, tracked, attached, received, opened, remembered, paid.

Process and time management:

AR teams spend a lot of time turning buyers into payers. With ezyCollect, routine communications and tasks are automated, generating more time for high-touch work.


Customer engagement:

Know who you’re trading with, diligently engage debtors, communicate with care, and provide a convenient payables experience.


Payment management:

ezyCollect understands that payment is the end-game, so we create beautiful solutions that support the seamless transfer of money from your customers to you.

You get a real-time view of open and outstanding invoices. Your customers get a simple and transparent checkout experience.


Cash management:

Working capital improves with collections efficiency. Eliminate the costs of late payments and bad debts. Access cashflow finance if you need it.


See it in action

Watch how ezyCollect works to help your business get to '0 days late'.

“I’ve run wholesale and distribution companies. I’ve heard every excuse for non-payment. I couldn’t find a solution that solved every problem. So we built it.”

AJ Singh
CEO and Co-founder

Our Guiding Star

Our purpose is to put smart technology in the hands of businesses

so they have the cash, confidence and information to achieve their dreams.

  • We believe that the greatest resources in business are dreams and ambition.
  • We believe that ambitious businesses deserve to be paid on time.
  • We believe that being paid on time helps businesses survive then thrive.
  • We believe that when businesses flourish, people flourish.
  • We believe in keeping the dream alive.

The Founders' Story - how ezyCollect started

Our Team

It’s no secret that ezyCollect’s secret sauce is its people.

We will hunt high and low for the A team that will help us serve businesses better.

Better and beyond is what we strive for. Those aren’t just words to us. They’re words to live by. Better ideas, better solutions, better service. Beyond barriers, beyond expectations, beyond today.

Our values

At the core of ezyCollect is our determination to help businesses succeed, because when businesses flourish, people flourish. Our Get S#!@ Done attitude sets the pace, our goodwill and humour make the journey fun.

We are stronger together #team

We are always learning #better

We go above and beyond #beyond

We do the right thing #integrity

We are people helping people #human

Great Place To Work ezyCollect 2022 badge
image of G2 badges for ezyCollect as fastest implementation winner for AR automation - Winter 2023 and fastest implementation winner for Small Business WInter 2023

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