Manufacturing Industry

Reduce the time and effort it takes to get paid

Every day we help manufacturing businesses get their invoices paid faster

Our platform presents your invoice and then politely chases it to payment so you don’t have to.

Systematically head off ageing invoices before they eat away at your revenue. Avoid payment delays with easy-pay options your buyers will appreciate.

Manufacturing businesses need cash flow

Achieve accounts receivable efficiency to support your lean operations and profit forecasts.

With ezyCollect, you can reduce overdue debtor days within the first month for significant cash flow improvements. Reduce the cost of accounts receivable, reduce debts and use a system that scales as you grow.

And this is how we help

ezyCollect is more than automated payment reminders. ezyCollect gives your accounts team one place to manage all debtor communications and payments.

Simplify AR into one single source of truth. Streamline every step from the time you provide credit to the day you’re paid.

Boost productivity as your team works with a disciplined engine that automates the tedious tasks and creates more time for customer care.

Give customers a seamless payables experience to reduce the pain of parting with their cash.

“Manufacturers need lean operations to maximise their profit margins. Accounts receivable automation handles a huge volume of work and works 24/7 so you can get more done with less.”

Raj Kuckreja
Chartered Accountant and Co-founder