The complete AR platform that just makes sense


Thousands of business operators choose ezyCollect because it helps them get the job done best.

What they like is its easy adoption, user-friendly design and powerful suite of tools.

Best in Class Accounts Receivables Automation

Complete 360° control over accounts receivable

Supercharge your accounting software to get more done with less effort.

Powerful Platform

Run all your credit management and AR tasks through one central hub

Full visibility

Get the big picture or drill into the detail of every customer’s account in seconds

Low-effort payables

Your customers find it easy to understand their debt and pay

Top notch support

We’d rather lose sleep than leave you waiting. Get in touch anytime. We’re global, we’re working.

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This software is just pure genius. Intelligent automated software that collects money for us while we concentrate on growing the business is worth every cent!

George Kolistasi,
General Manager, Neo Networks

Data you can’t do without

Track important data to predict payments and risks

Ageing distribution

Always have a real-time breakdown of your ageing invoices. Track and report on changes quickly.

Credit Insights

Get daily insights into your customers’ credit risk levels so you can take immediate and decisive action to head off bad debts before they occur.

Learn more about Credit Insights >>

Full customer history

The system logs automated communications and lets you log your own notes.

Detailed customer reports

Create and export reports for a bird’s eye view of debtors.

Since starting ezyCollect one month ago, we are overwhelmed with how quickly we are collecting overdue invoices now. Our team is saving so much time!

Louella Kennard,
Head of Sales and Customer Service,
Arrow Group Australia

More powerful tools

That simply get you paid faster

Automated communications

Sequence an escalating set of reminders. Personalise our templates for email, phone, SMS, post.

Speedy online payments

Your customers get the cashless convenience of paying by credit card directly from their invoices and emails.

Learn more about online payments >&gt

Risk-reduction services

Your collections never skip a beat with one-click access to demand letters, debt collection services, credit monitoring.

Cashflow finance

Approved ezyCollect users and their customers can access an unsecured line of credit via ezyCollect.

Our customers tell us that before they used ezyCollect, they were flying blind. With ezyCollect, they have eagle eyes on their customer accounts. Because their cashflow gets better and better, now they also have wings to fly further. That makes us happy.

Jimmy Cooper

More productive staff

ezyCollect takes care of the routine process-level tasks so that your accounts receivable team is freed up for more customer care.

Empower your team to get the job done efficiently with all the necessary information and services they need—at their fingertips.

De-risk customers

Never again will you go blindly into a new trade relationship.

ezyCollect gives you the late payment risk of every customer, and allows you to set and monitor their credit usage.

Turn late payers into great payers by removing the obstacles to paying you on time.

Cut days sales outstanding

Achieve the ultimate indicator of healthy accounts receivable with a declining DSO.

Bypass cashflow gaps by offering your customers the multiple payment options and working capital solutions they need.

Giving you the ultimate accounts receivable workflow

that saves you time and money and gives you peace of mind

Step 1

Issue credit

Use the late payments riskometer to assess if a customer is a low, medium or high risk.

Step 2

Send invoice

Automatically send digital invoice copies, log delivery and track opens.


Step 3

Set reminders

Personalise and automate a sequence of reminders by email, phone, SMS, post.

Step 4

Manage and monitor

Use platform insights to get phone call tasks and manage disputes. Log your notes.

Step 5

Collect payment

Add our easy online options to your payment methods so customers pay faster.

Step 6

Escalate easily

One-click to send a demand letter or hand over to a debt collection agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data safe?

Yes. Our services are hosted by Amazon Web Services, which is protected by 24-hour surveillance.

All your data is encrypted and our application is always up-to-date with the latest security patches.

How do I choose the right plan?

We’ll help you identify the right plan for your business. You should consider the number of debtors currently active in your accounting software and the number of your staff who will need access to ezyCollect.

Do you offer training?

We sure do. In fact, we’ll talk you through how to customise your account, we’ll train your staff to use ezyCollect, and our team provides ongoing support.

As your team grows, we will grow with you, training any new members of your team – for free.

Are there any setup costs involved?

For ERP systems, costs can range from $495 to $995 depending on the complexity of the installation and any costs from your implementation partner.

You will only be charged if you decide to go ahead after your 14-day free trial period.

Are your prices in Australian dollars?

Yes, all prices quoted on the ezyCollect website are in Australian dollars. Please contact us on to get the right pricing for you.

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Make it easier for your customers to pay you
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