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Accounts receivable automation x custom integration for your ERP

No credit card required

Get paid faster with {Your ERP} + ezyCollect

ezyCollect syncs with your ERP using a custom built integration, ensuring you effortlessly manage your accounts receivable and receive payments on time. Streamline processes through automated invoice reminders, convenient payment options, and real-time monitoring of late payment risks—all in one integrated platform.

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Tailored automatic communications

Customise payment reminders or utilise the AI template generator. Segment customers, and schedule emails, SMS, calls, and mail, freeing up time for business growth.

credit risk UI and monitoring

Enhanced bad debt protection

Protect your business with upfront credit risk data and a disciplined process for cash recovery and debtor management, minimising your risk for late payments and bad debts.

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Customer-centric payments

Provide payment options to match your customer’s preferences. Simplify transactions, ensuring a smoother payment experience and quicker cash returns.

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Automatic payment allocation*

Take manual allocation off your plate with Payment Write-back. Every time your customers pay, ezyCollect creates the payment records and matches them with the correct invoices in ERP. (Subject to ERP)

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How does ezyCollect work with my custom ERP?

Improve efficiency and cashflow through optimising AR processes. Upgrade your accounts receivables capabilities by integrating your own accounting software or ERP with ezyCollect through a CSV server-based system

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Accounts receivable automation for your custom ERP

Save your team from chasing payments. Power up your Custom ERP with automation features that simplify your accounts receivable management, so you get paid faster, and easier.

Automate customer communications

New feature: Generate email templates with help of AI*

Customise invoice reminder templates and send via email, SMS*, fax and post

Customise your communication workflow and channels

Send re-issued invoices

Send ‘Payment due soon’ notifications

Track email and invoice delivery

Send monthly statements

Send communications in bulk according to customer segments

Daily ‘customers-to-call’ list sent to your inbox

View communications history per customer

Manage active debtors

Track and generate report of ageing invoices

Monitor customer payment history and status

Generate Accounts Receivable Ledger-level reports

Manage and track customers’ credit limit

Audit trail of customer history and status

Daily ‘customers-to-call’ list

Manage your credit risk (Credit Insights)*

Access business credit scores

Generate risk trend report of customers

Request B2B credit reports per customer

Get credit risk email or SMS alerts per customer

Real-time credit risk monitoring in your customer list view

Streamline customer and credit applications*

New feature: Payment authorisation module/ DDA on your customer or credit application forms*

Customisable online credit application forms

Customisable customer onboarding forms

Business credit score and detailed credit report integrated to your application review process

Accept and manage payments (ezyCollect Payments)

New feature: Setup and manage instalment and subscription payments (Payment Plans)*

View successful, upcoming and failed scheduled payments in a visual dashboard (Payment Schedules Reporting)

Direct Debit payments on invoices and sales orders (Collect Now)

Schedule payments collection

Collect direct debit payments in bulk

Accept credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX)

Accept Bank transfer payments

‘Add Pay Now’ buttons on Email and SMS payment reminders

Accept payments via the online customer portal

Surcharge or absorb payment (credit card/ bank transfer) fees

Auto-reconciliation of settled invoices to your ERP (Payment Write-back)

E-commerce store payment gateway (integration with WooCommerce)

Provide a customer payment portal (Simplypaid)
24/7 online portal where your customers can:

Pay single or multiple invoices via credit card, direct debit or bank transfer

View all open invoices

View payment transaction history

View and download statements

Send messages and enquiries to your accounts team

Securely save credit card details for easier transactions

Access debt collection services**

Send a demand letter
Option to escalate to a partner debt collection agency*

Get help and support
Installation and go-live support Phone and email support In-app messaging In-app help/ knowledge centre One-to-one online training Monthly accounts receivable health check
* Premium feature at extra cost
** Incurs additional fees from a third-party provider


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Can I try ezyCollect for free?

We hope you do! ezyCollect offers a free 14-day trial when you integrate ezyCollect with your cloud accounting software. You can click on the free trial button on the top of the menu bar to get started

Is my data safe?
Yes. Our services are hosted by Amazon Web Services, which is protected by 24-hour surveillance. All your data is encrypted and our application is always up-to-date with the latest security patches.
Are there any setup costs involved?
For ERP systems, costs start from $900 depending on the complexity of the installation and any costs from your implementation partner. Final setup costs will be discussed with you by our team and you will only be charged if you decide to go ahead after your 14-day free trial period.
Do you have any contracts or cancellation fees?
If you are on a monthly plan, you can cancel with 30 days’ notice and will no longer be billed. If you are on an annual plan, no refunds are offered on cancellation prior to the expiry of your term. We offer a 6-month money-back guarantee, subject to terms & conditions. Any setup, installation fees, or other non-subscription fees are non-refundable.
Do you offer training?
We sure do. We’ll help you customise your account so it’s ready to go, we’ll train your staff to use ezyCollect, and our customer success team will provide ongoing support. As your team grows, we will grow with you, training any new members of your team – for free.
How do I know what plan is right for our business?
We’ll help you identify the right plan for you at the beginning of your trial period. You should consider the number of debtors currently active in your accounting software and the number of your staff who will need access to ezyCollect..
Can I change my plan at any time?
You can always upgrade to an annual plan from a monthly plan and take advantage of the pricing on annual contracts. However, you cannot switch to a monthly plan from an existing annual plan until the expiry of your current or existing term. You can speak to your account manager or the customer success team to upgrade your plans.

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