Food And Beverage Industry

Chase opportunities not invoices

Every day we help food and beverage services get their invoices paid faster

Lighten the load on your busy team with a streamlined process, automation of the tedious communication tasks and self-serve checkouts for customers.

Free up time to focus on growing your business.


Food and beverage services need cash flow

For more working capital, cut out the unnecessary manual processes that slow down your collection efforts.

Centralise your automated and manual debtor communications, invoice tracking and payment audit trail in one integrated platform. Your team works efficiently with one single source of truth.

And this is how we help

Simplify AR into one single source of truth. Streamline every step from the time you provide credit to the day you’re paid.

Boost productivity as your team works with a disciplined engine that automates the tedious tasks and creates more time for customer care.

Give customers a seamless payables experience to reduce the pain of parting with their cash.

“Our customers tell us that when they modernise their accounts receivable process with our automation and credit insights they get an almost immediate return in time and cash back.”

Raj Kuckreja
Chartered Accountant and Co-founder