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Every day we help educational businesses get seamless cashflow

Our platform makes it easy for your customers to understand their debt and pay easily.

ezyCollect supports you by reducing your admin time through automating routine chasing tasks and adding online payments.

Get seamless cashflow built for education

With ezyCollect, you can reduce overdue debtor days within the first month for significant cashflow improvements. Plus, save precious hours each day and let the platform do the painful chasing for you.

Reduce the cost of accounts receivable, reduce debts and fund growth with confidence.

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Collection routine in education can & should become efficient

Save your accounts team hundreds of hours every month in reconciliations and get used to early collections.

Our best-in-class automated workflow means you are politely and persistently collecting money 24/7. Never miss an opportunity to get paid.

Make payments a breeze for you, your students, & parents

Attach a “Pay Now” button to help them settle simply and in seconds

Allocate payments automatically to the right invoice with payment writebacks. A seamless checkout experience allows them to pay you via Bank Transfer, Direct Debit, or Credit Cards.


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Learn how Skillinvest reduced their debtor days by 91% in 9 months with ezyCollect

Skillinvest has reduced their overdue debtor days by 91.63% in 9 months after starting with ezyCollect. With a total receivables chased and closed of $4.6M saving 468 total hours.

“ezyCollect really fitted in with our model, with our organisation being not-for-profit and education. We have reached a milestone where I believe our organisation cannot move forward without your system. It is a big thing to say, but it is phenomenal!”

Lisa Arnfield
Finance Consultant at Skillinvest

Giving you the ultimate accounts receivable workflow

that saves you time and money and gives you peace of mind

Step 1
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Issue credit

Use the late payments riskometer to assess if a customer is a low, medium or high risk.

Step 2
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Send invoice

Automatically send digital invoice copies, log delivery and track opens.

Step 3
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Set reminders

Personalise and automate a sequence of reminders by email, phone, SMS, post.

Step 4
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Manage and monitor

Use platform insights to get phone call tasks and manage disputes. Log your notes.

Step 5
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Collect payment

Add our easy-pay options to your payment methods so customers pay faster.

Step 6
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Escalate easily

One-click to send a demand letter or hand over to a debt collection agency.

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