Change the way you collect

See how Axsys uses ezyCollect for more than just sending reminders.

Dashboard On a Laptop

Stay on top of every AR task


  • Automate Collections
  • View a complete history of communications, notes and disputes
  •  Monitor credit risks in real-time and take action
  •  Make it easier for your customers to pay

Why use ezyCollect + myob?

Be easy to pay

Provide a better payment experience for customers with a modern frictionless portal. 


Humanise Automation

 Know when to come out of auto-pilot and pick up the phone. Automatically send a thank you email when customers pay.


Protect your Business

 Understand in real time, the risk associated with each customer on your portfolio, and work with them to avoid problems before they start.


Connecting myob Advanced or Exo to ezyCollect is ezy

Try for free for 14 days. No credit card required.

  1. Submit the registration form on
  2. ezyCollect will connect your Attache file
  3. Login to ezyCollect to see your data mapped and tracked

Data syncs in real-time (on demand) or as per your custom schedule

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