Pay Now from invoice, email and sms

Give your customers seamless checkouts

Digital ‘Pay Now’ buttons allow your customers to enter the Simplypaid payments portal where they can query, pay one or more invoices, part-pay, and apply for our finance solution to complete payment.
Simplypaid accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Typical installations are completed within 24 hours.

Get paid now from financing

Get paid upfront while your customer pays in instalments. Our finance offer inside the Simplypaid payments portal gives your customers the option to apply for a line of credit from our finance partner.
Support your prompt payers with this accessible working capital solution.

Get paid more

Our online payments portal is a hub for all of your customers’ open invoices. In Simplypaid, your customers can view and pay multiple invoices in one simple transaction.

Your customers see alerts next to any overdue invoices. They can simply select all to pay.

Choose who pays the fees

Our online payments portal is free to install and use. You‘re only charged a fee per credit card transaction.

You can choose to surcharge the fees at checkout, or absorb all or part of the fees.

Get started with Simplypaid

We just need a few details to register your customer enquiry

“With a secure online checkout, your business no longer needs to worry about storing customers’ credit card details, and you drastically reduce the time you spend processing payments.”

AJ Singh
CEO and Founder

What you get with simplypaid

Convenience that you and your customers will love

Auto Payment Write-back

Payments received are reconciled in real time in JCurve/NetSuite

Seamless Checkout

A branded online checkout that requires no touch from you and is open 24/7.

Pay Now Button

Make it easy for customers to transfer money as they receive your invoice, email, SMS.

Customer Financing

Approved customers can access a line of credit to help them pay on time.

Clear transparent pricing

So everyone is on the same page

Small to medium business

Pay as you go

2.90% + $0.30 NZD

1.75% + $0.30 AUD

  • No set up fees
  • No monthly fees
  • No hidden fees
  • Automatic surcharge

Enterprise business

Custom Rate

Custom Rate

Discounts for volume

  • Run business at scale
  • Account management
  • Migration assistance
  • Dedicated support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the transaction limit?

Transaction limit: Initially $5,000 but we can increase to $15,000 per transaction - if you require more than this, we would need a copy of the invoice with that value (i.e, $25k then they need to supply $25k invoice).

What cards can Simplypaid support?

Amex, Visa, Mastercard

What is the $0.30+GST fee?

This is the transaction fee added per transaction.

Can you split transaction fees, i.e. surcharge the customer?

Yes you can and you can do this in fee structure. However, this will apply to all customers (cannot be different for each customers).

How does the surcharging work?

If you are surcharging all the fees to your customers, then it won’t cost you anything and you get the full payment amount. The merchant automatically takes the fees once payment is successful.

What happens if I’m absorbing the fees?

If you are absorbing, the fees will be deducted and you will not get the full amount - however the invoice will still be marked ‘Paid in full’.

How long till the money is in my account?

2 business/working days and transferred to your nominated bank account (any payments made before 5pm can follow this lead time).

Does this allow partial payments?

Yes. However, this will apply to all customers.

Does this mean we need to change the physical terminal / pos machine we have or make changes to our current payment collection methods?

No you can keep the existing infrastructure you have.
We have customers that use their existing merchants (where they manually enter CC payment and add this online payment).

What reports are available?

  1. Instant Payment notification email - you get notified as soon as your customer makes payment
  2. Daily Payment Summary Report - summary of what has been paid and total payment
  3. Settlement report (from the merchant) - summary of what’s been transferred to your bank account. Settlement report is provided when there are scheduled funds to be transferred.

I want to make multiple payments and not just 1 invoice - how does this work?

You can open relevant invoices that your customer wants to pay and enter the CC details (or send this to them and they can make multiple payments). Any payments completed this way will ensure they write-back to relevant invoices/sales orders


We can provide a stand-alone payment link (not attached) to your sales orders/invoice/s where you can accept bulk payments, deposits, payments for multiple transactions. However, since this is not attached to the actual sales orders/invoices the payments will not be written back.

Who will be doing the install?

ezyCollect’s Simplypaid implementation team will be doing the install and it’s free.

What is the cost of this service to use?

No cost - it’s completely free. (Only when you are absorbing the CC and transaction fees then you need to factor that - as that will be the cost for you).