ezyCollect is a COVIDsafe workplace

    • Stay at home if you are feeling unwell
    • If using a hot desk, complete the form
    • Wipe down all work spaces after use
    • Practice good hygiene – regularly wash hands with soap where available, otherwise, utilise hand sanitiser
    • Practical physical distancing and maintain 1.5m

For more information, refer to The Commons’ Returning To The Workplace


ezyCollect’s Hot Desks

All Team Members (TMs) and Guests are required to make a booking using the widget on this page.

Entering The Commons main building

Non-registered TMs and Guests must check-in at Reception, even if they are accompanied by a Registered TM.

Guests are currently required to remain on the main building’s ground floor, due to The Commons’ COVIDsafe policy.

Meeting Rooms in The Commons

Must be booked using The Commons mobile app. Registered TMs can book on behalf of Non-registered TMs and Guests.

The Commons Postal and Street Address

20-40 Meagher Street
(entry via Balfour St)
Chippendale NSW 2008