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ezyCollect full-stack accounts receivable automation platform desktop and mobile interface

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“Customers absolutely love being able to pay from SMS links. Unpaid invoices are a thing of the past. ”

Paul Dennis
General Manager, MCM House

Paul Dennis - MCM House

More predictable cashflow

Rely on prompt, predictable payments.

Improve your customers’ payment behaviour so you get the on-time payments you deserve.

Our fast track payments system works while you sleep and never misses an opportunity to get you paid.

Stop missing out on millions and start counting on healthy cashflow.

Improve your b2b cashflow

Our workflow improves productivity

Start early to collect the money you’re owed and never miss an opportunity to get paid. Our best-in-class workflow means you are politely and persistently collecting money 24/7.

Go deeper with credit insights. Go further with debt collection. Go faster with cash recovery.

More productive staff

Reclaim the time your accounts team spends chasing payments.

ezyCollect creates your go-to debtor database, tracks every invoice, and analyses and prioritises your debtor risk for you.

With ezyCollect, routine accounts receivable tasks become an automated breeze. The system can take care of sending invoice copies, payment reminders, online payments and payment allocations.

Accounts staff get back hours every day to invest in customer care and high priority tasks.

Less credit risk

Get instant access to the calculated late payment risk of every customer. Set and review credit terms based on robust evidence at your fingertips. Imagine being the first to know—not the last to know—of a looming default.

ezyCollect partners with a leading credit bureau to offer deep credit insights, credit reports and credit monitoring. Act early to protect your cashflow.

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