Features of ezyCollect

Transform messy and manual AR tasks into an automated accounts receivable workflow. Your accounts receivable process becomes  cheaper, faster and better.  With the right tools on hand, your staff work efficiently and confidently to quickly recover  outstanding invoices.  

Powerful platform

Better cash flow

Speed up order-to-cash with a smart accounts receivable process designed to drive prompt payments.

Full visibility

Get the big accounts receivable picture or drill into the detail of every customer’s account in seconds.

Low-effort payables

Your customers find it easy to understand their debt and pay with a frictionless payments experience. 

Top notch support

We’d rather lose sleep than leave you waiting. Get in touch anytime. We’re global, we’re working.

Features include

  • Automatically syncs data with your accounting software
  • Automated email, SMS, mail or call reminders
  • Send pre-reminders prior to due date
  • Sequence escalating overdue reminders
  • Personalised email & SMS templates
  • Get reminded to call overdue customers
  • Map and track your customer’s communications history
  • Escalate to debt collection
  • Send pre-legal demand letters
  • Pay now button on all reminders
  • Accept speedy online payments 24×7
  • Let your debtors pay by instalments
  • Real-time breakdown of your ageing invoices
  • Create and export detailed customer report



ezyCollect integrates seamlessly with the following software and we are routinely adding new integrations:

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