Finance partnering with Sales: Crafting a seamless payments experience

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The partnership of finance and sales has become essential in shaping customer experiences.

In a recent fireside chat with Ari Sengupta, Customer Success Manager at ezyCollect, and Raj Kuckreja, ezyCollect’s Co-Founder and a seasoned Chartered Accountant, delved into the critical role finance plays in sculpting the perfect payment experience for customers and its profound impact on profitable, repeatable growth.

3 aspects

In crafting a flawless B2B payment experience, it is essential to acknowledge the necessity of eradicating silos and establishing a unified and automated system.

Here are the three aspects that will shed light on the partnership of financial strategies and sales efforts to enhance the customer journey through optimized payment experiences.

Integration throughout the customer journey

It is necessary to integrate payment solutions across the customer journey seamlessly. From the initial stages of onboarding to the finalization of a sale, integrating payment processes wasn’t merely a financial consideration but a fundamental aspect of ensuring a positive customer experience. This integration reduces friction and enhances satisfaction, recognizing that payments are integral touchpoints in the customer-business relationship.

Collaboration between Finance and Sales

Understanding the collaboration between finance’s insights into growth levers and sales’ dedication to delivering value to customers is essential. This collaboration is crucial for business success, challenging the traditional conflict between these domains. Aligning these departments could unlock strategies catering to financial objectives and customer satisfaction.

Tailored approach and customization

Unlike the outdated one-size-fits-all approach, recognizing and addressing the unique needs of individual businesses became a central theme. Crafting payment processes tailored to meet diverse business requirements is a challenge and a pathway to success. This approach envisions smart contracts governing finance and sales processes, offering tailored solutions that cater to various business dynamics.

For instance, we leverage smart contracts in payments by integrating Direct Debit Authorisation into client onboarding forms. Subsequently, we apply the captured DDA on customized Payment Plans. This strategic use of smart contracts enhances flexibility and efficiency in the payment processes of ezyCollect users.

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The evolving business landscape perceives finance as not solely a number-driven domain but an integral part of the customer journey. It encourages businesses to create payment experiences that reflect a commitment to excellence, where each interaction and payment demonstrates the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

Crafting a seamless payment experience doesn’t just streamline transactions; it stitches together a narrative of customer-centricity, where every payment interaction contributes to a superior customer experience.

Curious to explore how the partnership of ezyCollect’s finance and sales can elevate your business payment experiences? Let’s connect to unlock how our accounts receivable automation software drives seamless payments, boosting customer satisfaction and fueling your business growth.


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