Product update: Master your AR collections with ezyCollect’s new Invoice Status feature

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Are you tired of chasing down invoices and managing complex rules for your collections process?

We are thrilled to introduce our latest feature – Invoice Status – to help you gain even more control over your collections. It’s one of the simple but powerful ways we make accounts receivable (AR) automation work for your unique business needs. 

What is the Invoice Status feature?

This new feature allows you to create different ‘invoice statuses’ for your synced invoices. Now you can pause or exclude invoices, add additional invoice statuses, and prevent chasing follow-up reminders.

The enhanced system for invoice exclusion, which is a pre-existing feature, offers increased reliability. Furthermore, the new system empowers ezyCollect users to customise statuses for their invoices to accommodate various business process situations.

ezyCollect Invoice Status feature UI screenshot

How it works

As a Manager user, you can set up rules based on different invoice statuses you define and add or remove different invoice statuses, such as Invoice Dispute, Exclude Invoice, Pause Invoice, and Mark on Direct Debit, or even create your custom status.

Functionalities and benefits

  1. Add additional information to the invoice statuses that are visible to your customers, helping to improve transparency and communication. You can show this information in email merge field tables or keep it internal for ezyCollect users.
  2. Set an expiration date for some invoice statuses. Once the expiration date is reached, the system automatically removes the current invoice status, further streamlining your collections process.
  3. Create a customised status name and set it to prevent chasing or make the status visible to your customers.
  4. Easy UI for changing the invoice status. Log in to your ezyCollect file, go to the Customers Page, and select the invoices where you want to apply for the new invoice statuses. Then click on the Invoice Status button, and choose the status you wish to apply. The system will act immediately, and the Invoice Status actions will be visible in the Activity History.

Overall, the Invoice Status feature gives you greater control over your collections, improves transparency and communication with your customers, and simplifies your Accounts Receivable collections process

This feature is now available to ezyCollect users.

Not an ezyCollect user? Book a demo with one of our AR experts and see how you can gain more control over your collections.

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