How to customise Xero invoice templates

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Your invoice is a critical business document that represents your business and also communicates your payment terms and conditions to customers. Xero allows you to imprint your brand in the invoice templates it provides. In this post, we step you through how to do edits that make the Xero invoice template your own.

10 simple steps to set up the invoice template in Xero

1. Open Xero.

2. Click on the Settings tab and select General Settings.


Select General Settings


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3. In the General Settings page choose Invoice Settings.


Choose Invoice Settings

4. In the Invoice Settings page you can customise the Xero invoice templates in two ways: standard or custom.docx.

The standard invoice comes up automatically, while the custom.docx uses Microsoft Word to create a customised invoice.

To customise a standard invoice, select New Branding Theme and click on Standard. This will bring up a new window that has many  different fields you can customise in your standard Xero invoice template.


Select New Branding Theme


5. Here you can customise a range of items, including:

  • Margins and fonts
  • The title of your invoices (as well as your credit notes, purchase orders and statements)
  • Tax number
  • The columns in your invoice
  • Your address


Once you’ve completed these, click Save.


Customise the branding options and click Save

6.  You will then be able to see this template below the standard one. You can edit it by clicking on Options and upload your logo.


Your templates are listed and editable

7. To upload your logo just click Upload Logo and choose your image from the file and click upload. Your image will then appear on the invoice.


Upload your logo

8. To change your payment settings, click on Default Settings. This will pull up a new window where you can input your payment terms.


Add your payment terms

9. To add new payment options for your customers, select Payment Services. Here’s where you can choose from a range of online payment services including PayPal and Stripe.


Add your payment service

NB. ezyCollect’s online customer payment portal allows your customers to pay multiple invoices and offers buy now, pay later (as the supplier, you get paid upfront).

10. Your standard customised Xero invoice template is ready! This is what our example looks like:


Example Xero invoice template

Now your Xero invoice template is ready to go the next time you ring in the sale!


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