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Even healthy businesses can experience a cashflow gap at times—that period of time when cash incomings are not enough to meet the demands of cash outgoings. Financing cashflow is a constant juggle. A temporary cashflow gap shouldn’t become a major barrier to business as usual. That’s why ezyCollect has integrated a new feature, Cash Flow Advance, to support healthy businesses to keep growing.

Your financial controller will often anticipate cashflow gaps. Planned capital expenditures, predictable seasonal lows or large upfront payments will predictably decrease the amount of cash available as working capital.

At other times, cashflow impediments can appear swiftly to derail business. Late payments, slow-moving inventory and disputed invoices could mean that your cash is locked away indefinitely. Still, with a back-up plan, financing cashflow shouldn’t be stressful.

ezyCollect’s cashflow boost for healthy businesses

In the ezyCollect app, approved users—companies using ezyCollect to streamline accounts receivable—will be able to apply online for an unsecured line of credit via our finance partner.

Up to AU$20,000 will be available to users pre-approved by
ezyCollect. Pre-approval is based on the positive health of a company’s
accounts receivable ledger over the previous six months as assessed in
ezyCollect, plus a free credit check by the finance provider.

ezyCollect’s CEO Aj Singh is determined to support businesses to keep thriving. “A cashflow advance, exactly when you need it, can help to keep your good momentum going,” says AJ.

Pre-approved ezyCollect users can apply for a cash advance in-app

Fast-tracked funds for immediate use

Because the pre-approval is done for you, any company that chooses the finance offer will receive their funds within 24 hours.

ezyCollect’s pre-approval process takes away the time a business
would otherwise have to spend on gathering and presenting their
financial records.

“In conjunction with our financial services partners, we want to take away the friction that worthy businesses experience when they want to apply for a line of credit. Their data is there; they have already proven their credit worthiness,” says AJ.

“…we want to take away the friction that worthy businesses experience when they want to apply for a line of credit.” AJ Singh, CEO ezyCollect


Being able to access cash on demand means that your business can take advantage of great opportunities to save money:

  • Buy in bulk for volume discounts
  • Access early bird discounts for a cheaper price
  • Pay with cash to avoid high interest rates on credit cards
  • Pay suppliers on time and avoid late payment fees

Transparent fees with no hidden costs

As with any financial product, businesses should independently assess
the fees and tax implications of ezyCollect’s cash advance offer.

As an example, a $10,000 cash advance in ezyCollect incurs the following 4-month repayment schedule*:

  • $150 activation fee (Deducted from loan so no upfront costs)
  • Service fee of $100 per month throughout the life of the loan (1% fee per month)
  • 4 equal instalments deducted monthly

You can repay early at any time for no additional cost.
(*current as at August 2019)

In summary:

  • Pre-approved ezyCollect customers can apply in-app for up to $20,000 as an unsecured line of credit.
  • Funds are available within 24 hours.
  • Repayments are undertaken with the finance provider.

To see how ezyCollect can streamline your AR process, request a demo today:


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