What are B2B automatic payments?

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In B2B transactions, the choices you make can affect your business success. One useful strategy is offering automatic payments. This blog post explains the practical benefits businesses can get by providing automatic payments for their B2B customers.

What are Automatic Payments?

Automatic payments, also called direct debit, involve automatically withdrawing funds from a customer’s account to fulfil financial commitments, whether a one-time invoice payment or recurring payments like subscriptions. The key benefit lies in the automated process.

Customers authorize businesses or service providers to withdraw funds from their credit cards or bank accounts when an invoice becomes due, eliminating the need for manual intervention in each payment. This streamlined approach ensures timely payment processing, reducing the risk of missed deadlines. From the business/supplier perspective, it provides a consistent cash flow.


Benefits of providing automatic payments to your customers

1. Effortless billing, enhanced client relationships

Provide an effortless payment experience for your customers. Automatic payments eliminate manual invoicing, allowing your business to set up automated collections on due dates from your customers’ accounts. This saves your clients time and fosters a seamless relationship, reducing the risk of late payments and strengthening client trust.

2. Reliability for consistent cash flow

Offering automatic payments ensures that your clients never miss a payment deadline. With predetermined schedules, invoices are paid promptly, contributing to a steady and consistent cash flow for your business. This reliability is instrumental in maintaining stability and agility in your business.

3. Financial empowerment for clients

By offering automatic payments, businesses empower their B2B clients to exercise better financial control. Automation of regular expenses allows clients to allocate funds strategically, focusing on core business objectives. This enhances your clients’ financial discipline and positions your business as a partner in their success.

4. Streamlining operations for time savings

Automatic payments drastically reduce your team’s time manually collecting payments and chasing after customers. This efficiency boost ensures a more streamlined and prompt financial process for your business.

5. Customized payment solutions

By providing automatic payments, you give your customers the advantage of choosing flexible payment options. Once they grant authorization for automatic payments, customers can seamlessly utilize this feature for direct debit payments and for opting for payment plans, including instalments or subscription payments, eliminating concerns about missing payment deadlines.


As the business landscape evolves, adopting automatic payments emerges as a critical differentiator. Businesses that offer this convenience not only elevate their operational efficiency but also contribute to your client’s financial empowerment and better payment experience.

Get started  with automatic payments

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