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Award-winning ERP business solutions provider, Axsys —they’re MYOB Exo Partner of the Year  2015 and 2014–has been implementing software solutions in leading organisations across Australia for over 20 years. Their Diamond Partner status from MYOB stamps them as the best of the best. So when Axsys needed a debtor management solution to slash overdue debts within its own business, ezyCollect’s automation software made the grade. Director, Karyn Bennett, explains:

The debtor management challenge

“It’s common for clients to need a reminder to pay,” says Karyn. By the time our invoice was finally paid, it could “well and truly be 60 days or more overdue.” With Axsys issuing hundreds of invoices per month, at least 50 were creeping into the 60 and 90 day overdue columns in the Aged Analysis Report that Karyn checks weekly. “Our office manager is very good at following up with our clients, but chasing debtors takes a lot of time, phone calls and emails.”

“…chasing debtors takes a lot of time, phone calls and emails.”

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What Axsys IT looked for in an automation solution

>  Maintaining the personal touch and client relationship: Axsys maintains close and regular contact with its clients so the software solution needed to back Axsys’ commitment to providing the best client care.
>  Consistently reaching every overdue debtor: A large amount of invoices were not receiving consistent follow-ups due to time constraints.
>  Customised reminders: Credit terms are not standard for all clients and some are on project-based payment plans so Axsys needed to customise reminders for each client, including pausing and excluding some clients from receiving reminders.
>  Up-to-date data: Both Karyn and her office manager monitor ageing invoices, so they needed to be able to share accurate up-to-date data on accounts receivables.

Axsys simply needed its invoices to be paid, faster.

The results

Just three months after integrating ezyCollect with its MYOB Exo platform, Axsys can report great results across its accounts receivables management process:

  • Reminders go out predictably, and now reach every overdue debtor.
  • Debts over 90 days overdue have been slashed by around 60%.
  • Debts over 60 days overdue have been slashed by around 40%.
  • Consistent ‘rules’ are established so debtors are followed up within a shorter time frame.
  • Axsys is communicating with debtors even when its staff are on holidays.
  • Reports from the system keep staff updated on each debtor’s status.

    “The time I spend on debtor management now is next to nothing.”  — Karyn Bennett

Axsys’ commitment to the highest standards of professional service hasn’t changed. It’s just the books that look different.

Karyn’s top tip for using ezyCollect:

Invest the time during setup to customise the reminder templates with your own wording and tone, so your communications sound like they come from a person in your business.

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Karyn’s top tip for potential users: Any business with a significant client base (e.g. issuing over 100 invoices with credit terms each month) will benefit from using ezyCollect.

To see how ezyCollect can improve your cash flow while saving you time and expenses, Try the ezyCollect ROI calculator

For a guided demo on how ezyCollect can specifically help your debtor management challenges. Book a Demo here.

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Axsys Case Study


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